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A Missional Church

We are a mission-minded church that believes the local church has the responsibility of sending out people to make disciples of all nations, as Jesus commanded. Although we are about to approach our 3rd year anniversary, we are not small when it comes to mission trips! 


We also support missionaries and their families financially and with prayer, and we support IMB (International Mission Board) as well. In 2013, we supported missionaries' kids and invited them to our MK-13 program, where they were mentored, tutored, and nourished spritually/emotionally. They also had a blast visiting the hot spots of Sunny Southern California! 



Annual Winter Missions

2016 - Buenos Aires, Argentina

2015 - Quito, Ecuador

2014 - Managua, Nicaragua

2013- MK13 Program for Missionary Kids around the globe in Irvine, CA

2012- East Asia



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