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Lo Shia, Nicaragua 2014

"I have had many opportunities in the past to go on several mission trips.  To me, missions means that we are reaching out to the people we encounter to tell them about the love of Jesus.  I believe missions is our everyday life whether we are at home, or going overseas.  The way missions might change the way I view God is that I can relate to him better by being exposed to many different kinds of situations and people we encounter.  I get a glimpse of how he views the world and how much he loves every single one of us.  This ultimately helps me desire a closer relationship with the Father, in order to know his will and to do the will of Him who sent me.  Now, my life is changed in the sense that I want to tell people that don’t know Christ, to have the opportunity to hear the Good News!"

"Going on the summer mission to Nicaragua provided me a great opportunity to share God's Word and love with others. Missions opened my eyes to just how many unchurched people there are all over the world, who simply don't know Christ because no one has ever shared the gospel with them. It was definitely refreshing to meet with and interact with God's children in Nicaragua. I am truly thankful for the opportunity to have been able to share the gospel with those who have never heard of Jesus. Despite the short time we spent on missions, I hope and pray that those who accepted Christ would become vessels to continue spreading the gospel."

Peggy No, Nicaragua 2014

"Going out to the mission field changes your life forever. I've gone on several different mission trips to Mexico and overseas; but no two mission trip has ever been the same. At each mission trip, God blesses me in different ways and reveals different parts of Him with me. Other than experiencing the growth of my relationship with Him, I definitely get to see major growth in personal relationships with the brothers and sisters on the team. I've bonded with so many on the field in ways I never get to at home. In addition, you build relationships with the brothers and sisters who are on the mission field. And they share stories of how the seeds we planted by sharing His word and His love has grown. It's an indescribable feeling in knowing that the work you participated in had a hand in the saving of that person's soul. It's what you and I have been called to do as followers of Christ-- to fulfill the Great Commission."


"I went to my first mission trip in the summer of 2014. Being in Nicaragua was an experience I would never forget. By sharing the word of God, I cannot even explain the overwhelming emotions I experienced watching the joy and happiness pour from these people's hearts. Even though the conditions were tough, it was an eye-opening experience and it definitely grew my faith and discipline to be very grateful for the things I have."


Travys Uyekawa, Nicaragua 2014

Charlie Kim, frequent Mission-goer

"Missions helped me to confirm what I always knew in my head.... He is EVERYWHERE through out the world. I've been to places middle of nowhere where there's no light, nothing but darkness; inside of a maximum security prison with no freedom; a cold place where kids had no parents, no one to wipe their runny noses; BUT I felt His presence and KNEW He was there where there was no light, no freedom, and no warmth. Missions helped me to KNOW He is a living God"


"...I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.”  Matt. 28:20



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