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Making disciples, planting churches.

This is our vision. We are a unique church with a unique DNA. Started with a humble group of a dozen members or so on May 6th, 2012, God gave vision to plant a “church planting church” that will participate in the Kingdom movement and expansion of bringing the lost to Christ. We have a unique mission and vision of creating a loving environment where people feel comfortable yet challenged to grow, become disciples of Jesus Christ, and plant churches all around the OC area and beyond. 


Furthermore, our church structures and ministries revolve around the Great Commission – making evangelism, witnessing, and making disciples an everyday act for our members. We believe that every member of our church is an important part of our church body and has a unique role and responsibility to bring others to Christ. 


We love to spend time with one another, pray for one another, and live life to the fullest abundance. We have a passion to get to know new people and witness the saving of souls and share the abundant life and freedom that lies in knowing Him. We welcome anyone regardless of age, demographic, ethnicity, or any other category — we just want to know you and share with you the NewLife that Christ so freely gives! We hope for a chance to get to know you!

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