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Tecate, Mexico

Fri - Sat, 12/21-12/22

"I don't have time for missions." It's not a week, not a month, not a year. It's only 36 hours.

"I dont have money." It's free.

"I can't speak Spanish". You have hands and feet to serve, a mouth for smiling, and arms for hugging.

"It's too cold". 

"I have kids". The best way to educate your kids is to expand their world vision and allow them to see how blessed they are. 

"My husband and kids need me." One of the best ways to strengthen your marriage or relationship is to serve together, as family unit. 

This year, don't let the business of the season or excuses steal your true joy - the gift of salvation from Jesus. As we reflect what's really important in life - being saved, relationship with God, family and friends, we are planning to spend ONLY 36 HOURS in Tecate, Mexico - a location that our pastor has had a relationship for over 20 years. It's amazing to see how a life long friendship and partnership has encouraged the hard ministry in Tecate. NLOW is  excited to be serving an existing orphanage, and sharing the Good News of Jesus' birth and spreading love and joy to the people of Tecate  -- during the perfect timing of Christmas. 

There is no cost to join. Interested? Send our Senior Pastor an email. 

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